Datadog Migration

The Datadog Migration app is available in private preview. Join the waitlist here.

Datadog Migration app

The Datadog Migration app guides you through the process of importing dashboards, monitors and users from Datadog to Axiom.

Dashboards and monitors you choose will be translated from Datadog query syntax to Axiom Processing Language instantly, and users you select will be invited to your Axiom organization.

To get started, go to Settings > Apps and find the Datadog Migration app.

Migration process

Provide keys

The Datadog Migration app uses the public Datadog API to retrieve resources for import. You'll need an Application Key and API Key, which can be found in your Datadog organization settings.

Your Application Key should have the following read-only scopes:

  • dashboards_read
  • metrics_read
  • monitors_read
  • user_access_read

Note: the Datadog Migration app will not write any changes to your Datadog account, and your Application and API keys are disposed of by the app immediately after use.

Select resources

You'll be presented with a list of dashboards, monitors and users found in your Datadog account. Select the resources you would like to be imported to your Axiom organization with the checkboxes.

Selecting resources in Datadog Migration

If you have multiple Datadog accounts, you can import all resources by completing the migration workflow with an Application and API key for each account.

Send data

With dashboards and monitors imported, you'll want to send logs and metrics data to Axiom.

Sending data with Datadog agent

To make life easier when migrating from Datadog, you can continue using the Datadog agent.

Find your Datadog agent configuration file, which is usually called datadog.yaml, and replace the dd_url and logs_dd_url values with the unique endpoint URL that is generated for each migration.

To provide continuity during your migration, you can choose to forward data received by Axiom from the Datadog agent back to Datadog. Simply enable forwarding and choose your Datadog host.

Sending data with other methods

If you use agentless logging, you should update your logging configuration to point at the unique endpoint URL that is generated for each migration.


The Datadog Migration app will perform a best-effort translation of the resources you select. In cases where visualisation types or query syntax adopted in Datadog are unsupported, fallbacks may be used. You'll find a full breakdown of resource migration status at the end of the wizard.

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