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next-axiom now supports Next.js 13

We're excited to announce the enhanced next-axiom library, updated and optimized for Next.js 13. Here are the updated features:

  • Integrated AxiomWebVitals for performance metrics.
  • Enhanced logging for client/server components and route handlers.
  • Comprehensive upgrade guide for transitioning from Next.js 12.

Check out the documentation to learn more and get started.

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Introducing new APL functions

Axiom Processing Language (APL) is a robust and powerful query language that facilitates the extraction of in-depth insights from your vast pools of data. Be it logs, events, analytics, or other forms of machine data, APL empowers you with the adaptability to filter, transform, and meaningfully summarize your information.

We are continuously enhancing APL by introducing novel functions to optimize your data querying process.

  • format_url(): Improves string formatting into valid URLs.
  • pair(): Returns a key-value pair separated by specified delimiter.
  • parse_pair(): Returns a key-value pair separated by Seperator in Pair. If absent, returns Pair with an empty key.
  • array_select_dict(): Selects a dictionary from an array of dictionaries.
  • coalesce(): Returns first non-null or non-empty expression from a list evaluation.
  • sample operator: Selects random rows for exploration

Check out the APL documentation to learn more.

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Introducing table charts functionality

We're excited to announce the latest addition to Axiom Dashboards: Table charts functionality, specifically designed to enhance data analysis. Table charts are powerful, enabling you to visualize, analyze, and present complex data with ease. Table charts support common data types, including numerical, textual, and categorical, making it a versatile tool for any analytics workflow.

The current implementation allows you to work with generic data to get valuable insights. This is just the beginning! We have more enhancements in the pipeline arriving soon.

We appreciate your continued feedback on this update within our Discord Community.

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Connecting to Axiom over AWS PrivateLink is now generally available

AWS PrivateLink allows you to access Axiom securely over the AWS network directly from your VPC without needing an internet gateway or NAT device, simplifying your network setup. Enterprise customers can also opt-into connecting two VPCs within the same region or across different regions, providing a secure and private connection for communication using VPC peering.

For more information about connecting to Axiom over AWS PrivateLink on Enterprise, or if you require support for VPC peering, please contact our sales team.

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Get started with Axiom

Kickstart your Axiom journey with our Getting Started walkthrough that guides you step-by-step through the initial setup and onboarding process.

You'll discover how to get up to speed faster and maximize Axiom's powerful features, like streaming, exploring, and monitoring your data, ensuring a quicker and more seamless experience.

Get started with the onboarding process.

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Dark mode landed

We receive thoughtful product improvement suggestions from our community on Discord all the time. One popular request has been to add dark mode.

We’re delighted to tell you it’s now landed!

You’ll find the option under the top-right menu. It can follow the system theme or force light or dark mode.

Join the Discord and help shape the future of Axiom.

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Enhanced documentation navigation

We recently analyzed comments from new users and existing customers about our product documentation. We carefully considered the feedback, then used it to improve navigation in our help system.

These changes have just landed! This is a significant improvement to our document navigation making it even easier for you to find the information you need.

It's not the end of the road though, we have more work to do, which will land shortly. We welcome your ongoing thoughts on this update in our Discord Community.

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Enhanced Stacked Area graph now available

Axiom's new chart variant area enables you to identify log patterns and generate advanced visualizations from your logs using stacked charts. With stacked charts, you can discover trends and compare query patterns from your log data visualization in relative time.

Stacked charts are stacked on top of each other, and by using stacked charts, you can now aggregate your query accurately.

Check out the documentation to learn more.

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Secure Syslog Endpoint now supports monitoring your logs from Render

The Secure Syslog integration now supports web and application logging from cloud application platforms like Render. The Syslog endpoint allows users to send and visualize event logs from static sites, web service, and application workers in just a few clicks.

With this Syslog and Render integration you can:

  1. Monitor your static sites
  2. Collect and track all available performance logs in your web service
  3. Filter errors and sort your logs using Axiom Processing language

Learn more about how to use Secure Syslog on Render.

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Introducing New Statistical Functions on APL

Axiom Processing Language (APL) is a query language that is perfect for getting deeper insights from your data. Whether you're working with logs, events, analytics, or other machine data, APL provides the flexibility to filter, transform, and summarize effectively.

We keep making APL better by introducing new functions to improve your data query experience.

Statistical Functions

Check out the documentation to learn more.

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APL Set Statement

To make APL Queries easier to work with we now support Query Options like strict types to silently enable type hinting for compatible data types behind the scenes.

For example, in normal operation, a field containing a mix of floats and integers can be worked with as if they are all numbers. However, there are times where you want to disable all such conversions, and then strict types query option lets you do this.

Learn more about APL Set Statement

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Winston logging library

ℹ️ The latest release of axiom-node adds support for the winston logging library:

  • Connect one of the best logging libraries for node to Axiom
  • Use structured logging to take advantage of Axiom's advanced querying

Get started here

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Deliver log events from Vector to Axiom

Collect, transform, and route all your logs, metrics, and traces from Vector and set up Axiom as a sync for your observability data.

With the Vector integration, you can:

  • Send data to Axiom from any source
  • Ingest and analyze large volumes of data
  • Build share queries, build dashboards, setup alerting, and much more

Get started

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Export Vercel middleware API function

💡: You can export your middleware, edge, or api Vercel functions withAxiom() to:

  • Access logging from the request object
  • Capture request properties such as query params etc
  • Inspect failed executions with all the details you need
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Vercel Edge Function support

⚡️ Vercel Edge Function support is now live!

All integration users automatically see Edge Function request data from today 📈

For the best experience, upgrade your next-axiom to >= v0.12.1 and use the per-request logging functions:

Get Started

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Zero-Config Observability for Vercel

A few weeks ago, we launched our Vercel integration and joined the Vercel marketplace. Axiom provides you with Persistent logging and performance metrics for your Vercel applications and Next.js projects. The Axiom integration enables you to monitor the health and performance of your Vercel deployments by ingesting all your request, function, and web vitals data.

You can use Axiom's pre-built dashboard for an overview across all your Vercel logs and vitals, drill down to specific projects and deployments, and get insight on how functions are performing with a single click.

You can get and perform other functionalities on your Vercel Applications like:

  • Request, function, & static logs
  • Function performance + insights
  • Custom queries, notifications & alerts
  • Unsampled Web Vitals

Install Axiom on your Vercel applications to monitor the health and performance of your deployments

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New topk Implementation

We worked on and deployed a new topk implementation with a scaling factor. With this implementation, you can get the precise estimates when you want to know the top 5 or top 10 (where ‘5’ and ’10’ are ‘k’ in the topk) values for a field in a dataset.

The topK aggregation takes two arguments:

  1. The field to aggregate
  2. How many results to return (top 5, or top 10, or top 20, etc)

Learn more about this aggregation here

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Upload Gzipped Files

With the latest UI Changes, you can now upload gzipped files using the .gz filename convention.

Click the upload button and drag or drop the file in the box in the Dataset UI

Topk Explore

Using the topk explore button, you can get queries of your specific visualisation directly on Data Explorer.

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Cancellable Queries

We added the Cancel button on Analytics and Data Explorer for you to cancel queries and update your changes.

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Expose Organization ID and add Copy to Settings

You can now view and copy your organization ID on your Settings page on your Axiom Account. Your Organization ID is under your organization name. Your Ogranization ID must be provided in case a Personal token is used for Axiom CLI and the Client Libraries. It's not needed when using an API Token.

Your organization's Avatar is better using the initials of your org.

Get Notified before deleting Token

With the new changes, you will can get the specific detials of your API and Personal Token before delting them on the dashboard.

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Query time range notifications

Get notification on query time range before the earliest event or after the latest event

In your Dataset dashboard, you can now see a notification if your query time range begins after the dataset received its last event.

  • And a notification if your query time range ends before the dataset received its first event
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Axiom Processing Language

APL datetime fields are now fully supported

Datetime fields are fully supported on APL, literals of type datetime have the syntax datetime (value), where a number of formats are supported for value.

Read more here

APL: improved support for null types

We have improved support for null types, the scalar function isnull can be used to determine if a scalar value is the null value. The corresponding function isnotnull can be used to determine if a scalar value isn't the null value.

Read more about this feature here

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Monitoring using Axiom's Data Explorer

Axiom Data Explorer provides a full auto-completion environment for getting deeper insights from your data. Whether logs, events, analytics, or similar, APL provides the flexibility to filter, manipulate, and summarize your data exactly the way you need it.

The newly published tutorial includes lots of helpful links and guide on how you can discover valuable insights, explore, store, run super-fast queries and monitor high volumes of fresh and historical structured data using Axiom Data Explorer.

Learn about enabling comprehensive monitoring using Axiom Data Explorer

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