June 19, 2024


Span links

Changelog Screenshot
Tola Ore-Aruwaji

Developer Relations Engineer

We’re excited to introduce span links, a powerful feature that allows you to establish relationships between spans, even if they’re part of different traces. Span Links are useful for representing asynchronous operations or batch-processing scenarios where a subsequent operation may start at an unknown time or in a separate trace. By linking spans together, you can preserve the dependencies and connections between these operations.

  • Capture asynchronous dependencies: Use span links to associate spans representing asynchronous operations, such as a span triggering a subsequent operation that may start much later or in a different trace altogether.
  • Preserve batch-processing relationships: Establish links between spans to capture the relationships in batch-processing scenarios, where operations are processed in bulk and may not have direct connections within the same trace.
  • Powerful querying with APL: Leverage the flexibility of Axiom’s Query Language (APL) to find traces with span links. Use the isnotempty(links) condition to quickly identify traces containing linked spans and dive into their details.

Check out the documentation to learn more and get started.