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Everything your team needs to build performant and reliable applications for a fraction of the cost.

Distributed Tracing

Understand exactly what is happening with every request as they flow between services, and troubleshoot high latency or errors with ease. Axiom includes dedicated views for distributed traces, including a powerful waterfall representation and an interactive dashboard to explore services and operations. Reduce MTTD and MTTR, understand service relationships, and deliver on SLAs with an integrated tracing experience.

Volumetric Logging

Designed to handle massive event streams efficiently, Axiom lets you ingest, store, and query billions of rows of event data at a fraction of the cost. Get unparalleled insights with high-performance queries, making large-scale data analysis both feasible and cost-effective.

Application Perf Monitoring

Understand the aggregate performance of your system-level components with comprehensive metrics support. Then analyze and improve end-to-end individual user experiences with integrated distributed tracing. All in one space without complex training or certification.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Prevent downtime and maximize infrastructure performance with complete visibility across your services. Define threshold based alerts, explore services and systems with rapid visualizations and dramatically reduce MTTR so your team can scale with confidence.

Use Cases

Axiom delivers on the true promise of observability, providing a unified environment for your team to monitor, analyze, and understand every aspect of your applications.

OpenTelemetry Transformation

OpenTelemetry’s tools, APIs and SDKs democratize telemetry, empowering your team to choose services that offer maximum insight and value. Axiom is the perfect pairing, boasting a remarkably efficient data store to capture more events at far less cost from hundreds of sources. Enjoy a rich set of features to explore logs, traces, and metrics (soon) in one place, and the flexibility to route events to other destinations as needed. Experience all the power without ever creating a silo.

Datadog Migration [Preview]

Transition to Axiom seamlessly, importing users, dashboards, and monitors in minutes. Enjoy our straightforward and transparent pricing with no limits on hosts or containers, and delve into logs and metrics without the hassles of indexing or cardinality constraints. Experience the speed and flexibility of Axiom’s powerful query language, offering deep insights unmatched by Datadog, and find the same integration dashboards you’re used to get started quickly. Choose Axiom for a more efficient, cost-effective approach to observability. Because you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Customer stories

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“Monitoring our logs from our Next.js app deployed to Vercel was easy thanks to Axiom‘s Vercel integration and pre-built dashboard.”

“Axiom is the modern serverless observability tool I always wanted. The strong focus on developer experience is a great match for how we do things at Prisma!”

“I can hire an engineer off the street, and they immediately know how to get value out of Axiom. That’s way different from other monitoring.”

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