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Integrate Axiom with Netlify to get a comprehensive observability experience for your Netlify projects. This integration will give you a better understanding of how your Jamstack apps are performing.

You can easily monitor logs and metrics related to your website traffic, serverless functions, and app requests. The integration is easy to set up, and you don't need to configure anything to get started.

With Axiom’s Zero-Config Observability app, you can see all your metrics in real-time, without sampling. That means you can get a complete view of your app’s performance without any gaps in data.

Axiom’s Netlify app is complete with a pre-built dashboard that gives you control over your Jamstack projects. You can use this dashboard to track key metrics and make informed decisions about your app’s performance.

Overall, the Axiom Netlify app makes it easy to monitor and optimize your Jamstack apps. However, do note that this integration is only available for Netlify customers enterprise-level plans where Log Drains are supported.

What is Netlify

Netlify is a platform for building highly-performant and dynamic websites, e-commerce stores, and web apps. Netlify automatically builds your site and deploys it across its global edge network.

The Netlify platform provides teams everything they need to take modern web projects from the first preview to full production.

Sending logs to Axiom

The log events gotten from Axiom gives you better insight into the state of your Netlify sites environment so that you can easily monitor traffic volume, website configurations, function logs, resource usage, and more.

  1. Simply login to your Axiom account, click on Apps from the Settings menu, select the Netlify app and click on Install now.

Netlify App

  • It'll redirect you to Netlify to authorize Axiom.

Netlify App

  • Click Authorize, and then copy the integration token.

Netlify App

  1. Log into your Netlify Team Account, click on your site settings and select Log Drains.
  • In your log drain service, select Axiom, paste the integration token from Step 1, and then click Connect.

Netlify App

App overview

Traffic and function Logs

With Axiom, you can instrument, and actively monitor your Netlify sites, stream your build logs, and analyze your deployment process, or use our pre-build Netlify Dashboard to get an overview of all the important traffic data, usage, and metrics. Various logs will be produced when users collaborate and interact with your sites and websites hosted on Netlify. Axiom captures and ingests all these logs into the netlify dataset.

You can also drill down to your site source with our advanced query language and fork our dashboard to start building your own site monitors.

  • Back in your Axiom datasets console you'll see all your traffic and function logs in your netlify dataset.

Netlify App

Live stream logs

Stream your sites and app logs live, and filter them to see important information.

Netlify App

Zero-config dashboard for your Netlify sites

Use our pre-build Netlify Dashboard to get an overview of all the important metrics. When ready, you can fork our dashboard and start building your own!

Netlify App

Start logging Netlify Sites today

Axiom Netlify integration allows you to monitor, and log all of your sites, and apps in one place. With the Axiom app, you can quickly detect site errors, and get high-level insights into your Netlify projects.

  • We welcome ideas, feedback, and collaboration, join us in our Discord Community to share them with us.

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