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Eric Matthys

Principal Engineer at Plex

Monitoring our logs from our Next.js app deployed to Vercel was easy thanks to Axiom‘s Vercel integration and pre-built dashboard.

Søren Bramer Schmidt

CEO & Co-Founder of Prisma

Axiom is the modern serverless observability tool I always wanted. The strong focus on developer experience is a great match for how we do things at Prisma!

Mani Janarthanam

Platform Manager at Healthylife

The dashboard is really good. It’s easily customisable and I can write any queriers on the data I want to see to monitor our site. Axiom was able to cost-effectively replace DataDog without impacting our operations.

Mario Hachemer

Chief Technology Officer at Fastbill

Axiom provides us with intrinsic observability across all our infrastructure and services. With Axiom, we’ve decreased our time-to-resolution and have increased visibility into all parts of our stack.

Lee Robinson

VP of Developer Experience at Vercel

Axiom makes observability easy with a one-click dashboard for Vercel + alerting.

Guillermo Rauch

CEO & Founder of Vercel

Axiom is the most sophisticated and user friendly observability integration for Vercel.

Theo Browne

CEO & Co-Founder of

Never underestimate the powers of good logs and observability. We solve issues way faster because of @AxiomFM. The quality of their search alone has measurably reduced my stress.

Brian Quinn

Principal Engineer at Stedi

What I liked about Axiom, when I first found it was it has all the essential parts of CloudWatch without having the complexity. It’s more user‑friendly and easier to do ad hoc queries.

I came for the JSON querying and stayed for all the other features.

Sebastien Lorber

Creator of This Week In React

I tried 3 logging integrations with @vercel for my newsletter website.

@AxiomFM was the best for me:

- just works

- free plan

- UI is fast and intuitive

Aidan W Steele


30 mins into setting up @AxiomFM and skimming the docs and I’m already able to write queries I couldn’t manage in Datadog. Really nice product.

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