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Axiom lets Hapn query a petabyte of AWS Lambda events to manage 4 billion messages

Case Study: Hapn

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Plex uses Axiom for real-time visibility into their vast streaming service

Case Study: Plex

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Ruggable uses Axiom to maximize its international e-commerce experience

Case Study: Ruggable

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Axiom helps Prisma speed up troubleshooting and scale observability

Case Study: Prisma

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Speedscale finds Axiom both cheaper and more powerful

Case Study: Speedscale

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Axiom lets Parachute Home harness 100% of events

Case Study: Parachute

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Axiom is Analogue’s operational dashboard for Shopify, Vercel and Render

Case Study: Analogue

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Guillermo Rauch

CEO & Founder of Vercel

Axiom is the most sophisticated and user friendly observability integration for Vercel.


Theo Browne

CEO & Co-Founder of Ping.gg

Never underestimate the powers of good logs and observability. We solve issues way faster because of @AxiomFM. The quality of their search alone has measurably reduced my stress.


Mani Janarthanam

Platform Manager at Healthylife

The dashboard is really good. I can write any queriers on the data I want to see to monitor our site. Axiom was able to cost-effectively replace DataDog without impacting our operations.


Ray Jacobson

VP of Engineering at Audius

Axiom has dramatically simplified our logging stack and made root-causing easy.




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