Unlock the data-verse for your entire organization.

Gain an unparalleled ability to observe your systems and applications, with Axiom’s unified event platform.

Flexible Data Collection

Axiom supports a broad range of ingest methods, with SDKs, library extensions, rich integrations, a CLI, API, and compatibility with commodity open-source collectors and agents, including Datadog agent.

Comprehensive Query Language

Axiom includes a powerful piped processing language called APL that offers comprehensive filtering, transformation and analysis capabilities that help answer data questions.

Dashboards, Monitors, and Apps

Axiom includes flexible dashboard and visualization options, plus stateful monitors that connect to popular notifiers like Slack and PagerDuty. To get started faster, dive in with hundreds of apps that extend the Axiom Platform with pre-built experiences built around data sources, with common queries, dashboards, knowledge, and alerts all included.


Filter, Transform, and Route

Use Axiom Event Flow to reduce, transform, enrich, replay, and route events to popular destinations like S3, Datadog, and Splunk. Perfect to smooth the transition from vendors, or as a source of truth for secondary workloads on your events.

Use Cases

Axiom is the best home for event data, allowing your team to capture every single event for a fraction of the cost.

Long-term Active Archive

Transform your team’s approach to collecting event data. With Axiom, there’s no need for cold storage to manage costs, no filtering, and no rehydration required. Every event is hot and readily queryable, all at a fraction of the cost compared to other vendors.

Analytics Datastore

Whether performing analysis on live events or building user-facing interactive dashboards, Axiom’s serverless query architecture reads from a storage format has been tuned to compress event data remarkably efficiently. You’ll never be waiting on a scheduled search again. Finally, performant analytics at any scale.

Customer stories

Learn from other customers who have shared your same difficulties.

“Monitoring our logs from our Next.js app deployed to Vercel was easy thanks to Axiom‘s Vercel integration and pre-built dashboard.”

“Axiom is the modern serverless observability tool I always wanted. The strong focus on developer experience is a great match for how we do things at Prisma!”

“I can hire an engineer off the street, and they immediately know how to get value out of Axiom. That’s way different from other monitoring.”

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