Axiom’s Mission

Give developers the power to gain instant, actionable insights on all their data as efficiently as possible.

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Global, small and remote

A fully remote team that works across 11 timezones.

Developers retain data for longer with Axiom thanks to its efficient storage layer, allowing you to store gigabytes of data for only a few cents a month.

Neil Jagdish Patel
CEO / Co-founder
Seif Lotfy
CTO / Co-founder
Gord Allott
Principal Eng / Co-founder
Stephanie Kawamura
Head of Operations
Michal Hruby
Principal Architect
Ted Gould
Principal Engineer
Christopher Deutsch
Principal Front End Engineer
Arne Bahlo
Team Lead
Mikkel Kamstrup
Principal Engineer
Conor Curran
Team Lead
Kevin Hosford
Front End Engineer
Lila Kurse
Software Engineer
Tola Ore-Aruwaji
Developer Relations Engineer
Lukas Malkmus
Software Engineer
Kaitlyn Ghahremani
Senior Ops Coordinator
Marty Schoch
Principal Eng / Eng Manager
Eric Skala
DevOps Engineer
Ana Vadillo
Lead Product Designer
AbdelRahman Khaled
DevOps Engineer
Islam Shehata
Software Engineer
Derek Anderson
Front End Engineer
Nikita Safonov
Senior Technical Writer
Chris Bennett
Backend Engineer
Jake Schroeder
Design Engineer
Silas Scheele-Simonsen
Software Engineer
Dominic Chapman
Product Manager
Dan Newman
Head of Design
Zsolt Prontvai
Software Engineer
Alan Pope
Developer Relations Manager
John Lawton
Account Executive
Jason Rosensteel
VP of Sales

Our company is built on its values

A team that communicates
is set up for success.

Axiom’s next-generation datastore enables ingesting petabytes of data with ultimate efficiency. This allows developers to send more data from their services, infrastructure, and via APIs. More data means quicker debugging, better insights, and less worries.

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Customer conscious

We value our customers by listening to their feedback and being an advocate for their needs.

Be bold

Be courageous and have no fear when experimenting with new ideas.

Adapt and evolve

Maintaining flexibility is key to moving forward in this ever-changing world.

Own it

Maintaining flexibility is key to moving forward in this ever-changing world.

Championing people

We are built on personal and professional integrity where every individual has the opportunity to make a difference.

Trust and Transparency

We foster a collaborative environment and encourage people to give and ask for feedback early and often.

We are supported by some of the smartest people on the planet.
Nat Friedman
Former CEO of Github
Adam Wiggins
Founder of Heroku

Our employees work based on integrity

Join us. And help developers around the world with data.

A fully remote team that works across 11 timezones. We help give developers the power to gain instant, actionable insights on all their data as efficiently as possible. Join us in changing how developers think about data.

“Axiom's culture is a mixture of encouragement, ownership, and cutting edge practice. The structure is very horizontal yet focuses on mentorship.”

Team member picture
Jake·Developer Relations Engineer

“Working at Axiom means working with great people who do excellent work in a culture that is welcoming and highly productive.”

Team member picture
Arne·Team Lead

“Axiom rides the line of being laser focused on developing world class software & user experience while still having a healthy work-life balance.”

Team member picture
Mikkel·Principal Engineer

Globally Remote Team

We believe in providing flexibility in the workplace by hiring our team from across the globe.

Unlimited Vacation

We work hard and we know how important it is to unplug and rejuvenate. Take the time you need.

Home Office Set Up

We'll make sure you have an awesome set up for Discord, Zoom, and everything else!

Team Sprints

Teamwork makes the dream work. We may be remote, but we love coming together as a team to reach our goals and to spend valuable time with one another.

Parental Leave

We are a family and we know how important that is. We offer generous and flexible family leave for everyone.

Zen Fridays

We work normal hours but believe in giving everyone an extra day of quiet. Friday's for us mean no Discord, no Slack, and no meetings!


Full-Stack Engineer

Axiom is searching for a full-stack engineer with skills in frontend and backend engineering. In this role you will be responsible for the development and maintenance of Axiom Cloud. This involves working with both backend and frontend technologies and responsibilities will extend from designing system architecture to programming, testing, and system integration.


Software Engineer (DB & Storage Team)

We’re looking for a mid-level software engineer interested in joining a creative team focusing on our home grown database that utilizes cloud platform technologies. We are a fully remote and distributed team that values collaboration with teammates as well giving the authority to make decisions. We’re looking for people who want to have an immediate impact applying their engineering experience, while continuing to learn and grow their skills in a fast moving environment.

USA, Europe