Stop sampling,
observe every event.

100% of your data for every possible need: o11y, security, analytics, and new insights.

Ingest everything,
store forever.

Never sample or worry about retention again. Axiom is built from the ground up to ingest and store petabytes of data at industry-leading efficiency. With wide compatibility with existing agents, log shippers, languages, and services.

Send data from Splunk, Datadog, and Elastic agents

OTel logs and traces, with metrics support coming soon

Forward from Cribl, Vector, Tremor, and more

Connect directly with popular services

Schema-less and no indexes to manage

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Query anything,
at any time.

Flexible querying allows for exploring data visually or using the power of APL to slice and dice your events. Instantly stream events as they are ingested, and aggregate them into visualizations on-demand. Due to Axiom’s unique datastore, there is no cold or archived data, all data is queryable whether one second, one week, or one year old.

Live stream events

Advanced querying with APL

Dashboards and alerting

Instantly query all data, no provisioning

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[Preview]Route anywhere.

Axiom is not just another silo. Connect Axiom to popular destinations for cost management, long-term retention with instant querying, and more. No need to be limited by expensive licenses or split your data between multiple stores only to have wait hours or days to query all the data again. Axiom can ingest, store, query, and route data all in one place.

Filter, transform, shape, and sample events

Route to Splunk, Datadog, Elastic, and more

Query all data in one place, no waiting

Replay data to any destination instantly

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Powerful dashboards,
for continuous visibility

Build dashboards to collect related queries and present information that’s quick and easy to digest for you and your team. Dashboards can be kept private or shared with others, and are the perfect way to bring together data from different sources.

dashboard screenshot

“Axiom has enhanced our ability to deliver superior customer support. It’s really great at doing these temporary quick things, in terms of graphs or dashboards. And I really like that the pricing is based on ingest terabytes. We don’t have to worry about how many events or logs we have.”

Everything you need, and more

Live Stream Data

View your data streaming in live just like you were at your terminal - but supercharged!

Powerful Dashboards

Collect queries in dashboards and keep them private or share with the rest of the team.

Virtual Fields

Rich data extraction from even the messiest inputs with a simple expression-based syntax.

Compare Query Result

Directly compare any query to an hour, day, week, or any custom period ago.

Role-based Access Control

Manage access to datasets with full support for teams and user roles.

Actively Monitor

Use Monitors to run background queries and connect to Notifiers to be alerted if things go wrong.

Schema-less & Index-free

No need to define schemas for your data up-front, nor worry about building indexes later.

Elasticsearch Bulk API Support

Connect to thousands of tools and plugins instantly with our full support for Elasticsearch’s Bulk API.

REST API/Language Bindings

Connect your app or service directly to Axiom via our APIs or libraries.

Get started with Axiom

Learn how to start ingesting, streaming, and
querying data into Axiom in less than 10 minutes.