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Next-Gen Cloud Appliances

Powerful Cloud Appliances made available inside your infrastructure for complete privacy, security, and unlimited access to your mission-critical resources.

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Introducing Watchly
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Unified Metrics, Logging, and Alerting, entirely inside your infrastructure

  • Metrics
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  • Logging
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  • Alerting
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Everything In One Place

Super-charge your DevOps experience with Watchly

Illustration showing current solutions scattered across multiple external services

Multiple external services each with their own ideas, concepts, setup procedures and maintenance. Endless individual logins to track.

Zero cohesion and awkward connectors between each service to enable basic functionality.

Multiple agents to deploy and configure, agents that take significant amounts of system resources

Watchly LogoIllustration showing Watchly's one simple system providing your entire monitoring needs

One simple system provides your entire monitoring needs.

Built from the ground up for a unified experience Login via google/github/azure SSO.

Single centrally configured, high performance agent.

Safely Inside Your Infrastructure

Keep control of your business data

Illustration showing current solutions sending information between multiple services, leaving your data vulnerable to hackers, outages, & corruption.

Sending information between multiple services leaves your data vulnerable to hackers, outages, & corruption.

Watchly LogoIllustration showing Watchly keeping all your data securely inside your infrastructure.

All data is kept securely inside your infrastructure, never residing on third party servers and is never leaked out to the wider internet.

We Play Nicely With Others

Our unique approach simplifies monitoring the services you rely on

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DigitalOcean iconDocker iconElasticsearch iconGitHub icon
GitLab iconGoogle Cloud iconIBM Bluemix iconKubernetes icon
MongoDB iconMicrosoft SQL Server iconMySQL iconOpenStack icon
Oracle iconPostgreSQL iconRedis iconSalesforce icon
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Everything You’re Used To, And So Much More...

Supercharged Monitoring with no punches pulled


Push/Pull metrics via StatsD & Prometheus

Query with PromQL

Powerful Dashboards with simple customization

Zero limitations on hosts, metrics, and tags


Push logs via Syslog (UDP/TCP/TLS) with full JSON support

Automatic log detection and parsing

Group and search from unlimited sources in real-time

Customize log stream views to your liking


Email, Voice, and SMS alerting included out of the box

Configure simple or complex Monitors that alert based on metrics, or logs, or both

Unified Incident view reduces Alert Fatigue and time to resolution

Easy Deployment & Management

Simple deployment into public and private clouds, or directly onto metal

Our GUI Installer takes you from deployment to monitoring within 5 minutes

Fully automatic updates

SSO by default, to enable safe & secure access for you and your co-workers

Watchly Agent

A single agent to handle all your needs

Centralized configuration management from the Dashboard, no config files!

Low resource usage

Fully automatic updates

Easily deployable via curl, or any existing orchestration software


Configure access to services once for both metrics & logs support

Centralized configuration from the Dashboard

Access tokens and passwords remain safely inside your infrastructure


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