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See the list of sub-processors we use to provide reliable and efficient observability solutions for our customers, and learn about our rigorous security measures.

A sub-processor is any business or contractor customer data may pass through as a side effect of using Axiom's service. This definition is very broad and includes things some might simply consider "hardware", like cloud infrastructure.

We use partners for some business processes that are not core to our expertise but are critical to our customers having a quality experience.

We maintain an up-to-date list of the names and locations of all sub-processors (available below) or you can obtain a copy by contacting privacy@axiom.co.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.Cloud ServicesUSA
HubSpot, Inc.Customer Relationship Management and SupportUSA
MixPanelUser Experience InsightsUSA
Sentry (Functional Software Inc.)Crash & Error MonitoringUSA
Slack Technologies, LLC.Event MonitoringUSA
Koala (Konfetti, Inc.)User analytics, and marketing insightsUSA
Discord, Inc.Customer SupportUSA
Stripe, Inc.Payment ProcessingUSA
Customer.io (Peaberry Software Inc.)Transactional, broadcast, and marketing messagingUSA
Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager (Google LLC.)User analytics, and marketing insightsUSA