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Long-term memory for your SIEM.

Equip your team with the tools needed for thorough incident investigation and ensure compliance with a long-term archive.

Threat Hunting

Effortlessly sift through years of data for threat hunting with a flexible query language that can power structured, unstructured, and ad-hoc security investigations. Axiom’s architecture makes capturing a huge volume of raw, unsampled logs affordable, and is complimented by a rich tool stack including interactive dashboards that highlight notable events and support drill down to find evidence of attacks, malware, and abuse.

Long-term Retention

Redefine your approach to compliance with our long-term retention solution. Keep years of security data accessible and queryable, from day one to year three and beyond, without waiting for rehydration. This comprehensive view ensures compliance without compromise, offering an invaluable resource for audits and reviews.

Centralized Security Management

From multiple sources to various destinations, manage it all within Axiom. Perfect for collaborative security and engineering teams, our platform offers a singular view across diverse data streams, enhancing compliance and facilitating a more integrated security strategy.

Use Cases

Axiom helps cybersecurity teams streamline their security operations workflows, accelerating threat detection and response, giving teams more visibility, and increasing analyst productivity.

Security Active Archive

Transform your team’s approach to collecting security event data. With Axiom, there’s no need for warm or cold storage to manage costs. No data gymnastics needed when wanting to run a detection across an extended period of time. With Axiom, every single event is hot and readily queryable, for the entire multi-year retention period, all at a fraction of the cost compared to other vendors.

Unified Security Data Management

Empower your Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) business with Axiom. Effortlessly aggregate and manage data from diverse sources while maintaining granular access controls tailored to each client's needs. Provide unprecedented visibility into security posture through an intuitive interface, enabling effective threat analysis, monitoring, and response. Say goodbye to complex data silos and hello to streamlined operations and enhanced security, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

Customer stories

Learn from other customers who have shared your same difficulties.

“Monitoring our logs from our Next.js app deployed to Vercel was easy thanks to Axiom‘s Vercel integration and pre-built dashboard.”

“Axiom is the modern serverless observability tool I always wanted. The strong focus on developer experience is a great match for how we do things at Prisma!”

“I can hire an engineer off the street, and they immediately know how to get value out of Axiom. That’s way different from other monitoring.”

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