Send data from CloudWatch to Axiom

Axiom provides a unique way of ingesting CloudWatch logs into Axiom. The Axiom CloudWatch integration is subscribed to one or more of your CloudWatch Log Groups and runs as a Lambda function.



Axiom CloudWatch integration is available and opensource on GitHub.

  1. Launch the Stack and enter your stack details:
  • Name of your Axiom dataset
  • Enter the value of your Axiom API token
  • Value of your CloudWatchLogGroupName and Data Tags

CloudWatch overview

  • Click Next and create your stack.


  1. Create and configure your CloudWatch LogGroup.
  • Enter your log group name
  • Set your retention setting
  • Specify your key tags on your existing AWS resources

CloudWatch overview

  • Click Create.
  1. Back in your Axiom dataset, you'll see your CloudWatch logs.

CloudWatch overview

Subscribe to more LogGroups

  1. You can subscribe to more LogGroups by launching the Stack. This spawns a one-time lambda to create multiple subscription filters with the lambda ARN as destination.

CloudWatch overview

  • The template is uploaded to S3.

  • Click Create.

  • With this you can send and get the logs from multiple CloudWatch log groups directly to Axiom.

  1. Back in the Axiom UI, you can see your logs directly from your CloudWatch LogGroups.

CloudWatch overview

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