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April 25, 2024


Advanced API tokens

Changelog Screenshot
Mano Toth

Senior Technical Writer

Axiom adds support for advanced API tokens.

Advanced API tokens let you perform a wide range of actions in Axiom. When you create an advanced API token, you select which actions you allow the advanced API token to perform. For example, you can create an advanced API token that can only query data from a particular dataset and another that has wider privileges such as creating datasets and changing existing monitors. This lets you assign only those privileges to API tokens that are necessary to perform the actions that you want.

After creating an API token, you cannot change the privileges assigned to that API token.

The API tokens you have previously created continue to function as before. They are now marked as classic tokens and you cannot regenerate them. If your classic API token expires, delete it and create a new one with the same privileges.

For more information, see Tokens.