February 14, 2024


Microsoft Teams notifier

Changelog Screenshot
Mano Toth

Senior Technical Writer

Axiom lets you set up a notifier with Microsoft Teams and adds other improvements to notifiers.

The new notifier lets you integrate your monitors with Microsoft Teams. When a monitor triggers, you now have the option to send a notification to your organization’s Microsoft Teams instance.

This release adds the following further improvements to notifiers:

  • Adds a Test button to the right of each notifier in the list of notifiers. Clicking this button triggers the notifier for a single test run. Use this feature to ensure a notifier works as intended.
  • Adds the possibility to manage notifiers from the list of monitors. Previously, if you started creating a monitor but realised you hadn't created the notifier, you had to leave the monitor creation process. After this update, you can create notifiers without leaving this page.

To explore the new notifier features, go to your Axiom account.