July 6, 2023


Introducing new APL functions

Changelog Screenshot
Tola Ore-Aruwaji

Developer Relations Engineer

Axiom Processing Language (APL) is a robust and powerful query language that facilitates the extraction of in-depth insights from your vast pools of data. Be it logs, events, analytics, or other forms of machine data, APL empowers you with the adaptability to filter, transform, and meaningfully summarize your information.

We are continuously enhancing APL by introducing novel functions to optimize your data querying process.

  • format_url(): Improves string formatting into valid URLs.
  • pair(): Returns a key-value pair separated by specified delimiter.
  • parse_pair(): Returns a key-value pair separated by Seperator in Pair. If absent, returns Pair with an empty key.
  • array_select_dict(): Selects a dictionary from an array of dictionaries.
  • coalesce(): Returns first non-null or non-empty expression from a list evaluation.
  • sample operator: Selects random rows for exploration

Check out the APL documentation to learn more.