March 4, 2024


Field vacuuming and other improvements

Changelog Screenshot
Mano Toth

Senior Technical Writer

Axiom adds support for field vacuuming and other improvements.

Field vacuuming wipes all fields and rebuilds the schema on the next event Axiom receives. This can be useful if the number of fields in a dataset exceeds the allowed limits defined by your pricing plan.

To learn more about vacuuming fields, see the documentation.

This release adds the following further improvements:

  • Adds the possiblity to set a dashboard as your default starting page in the Axiom app.
  • Adds support for searching for datasets in the Datasets, Stream, and Explore tabs.

Breaking changes to Splunk endpoint

This update changes how events received by the Splunk endpoints are stored in Axiom in the following ways:

  • Renames the message field to _raw: This adjustment aligns with common data handling practices and improves the intuitiveness of data analysis.

  • Includes the fields object in requests: Requests to the Splunk endpoint include the fields object to provide more comprehensive data capture.

Action required

If you use saved queries, dashboards or monitors for datasets associated with a Splunk endpoint, make the following changes on March 11th, 2024:

  • Rename the message field to _raw in the affected queries.
  • Ensure new fields do not collide with existing aliases or virtual fields.