June 4, 2022


Zero-Config Observability for Vercel

Changelog Screenshot
Tola Ore-Aruwaji

Developer Relations Engineer

A few weeks ago, we launched our Vercel integration and joined the Vercel marketplace. Axiom provides you with Persistent logging and performance metrics for your Vercel applications and Next.js projects. The Axiom integration enables you to monitor the health and performance of your Vercel deployments by ingesting all your request, function, and web vitals data.

You can use Axiom’s pre-built dashboard for an overview across all your Vercel logs and vitals, drill down to specific projects and deployments, and get insight on how functions are performing with a single click.

You can get and perform other functionalities on your Vercel Applications like:

  • Request, function, & static logs
  • Function performance + insights
  • Custom queries, notifications & alerts
  • Unsampled Web Vitals

Install Axiom on your Vercel applications to monitor the health and performance of your deployments