Axiom Cloud

Leverage the power of Axiom Cloud for your product and provide all your users with:

  • Simple to setup, simple to scale
  • Access to logs and events
  • Build Powerful queries simply
  • Get better insights and less worries on slow queries

This page will show you how to get started with Axiom Cloud.

Sign in

Visit and sign in to Axiom using your GitHub Account, Google Account or Email

Axiom Cloud overview

After signing in you will have a default account which is a free account. Then you can upgrade to trial by creating a new organization and that becomes your Axiom Pro plan. See creating an organization

Create an Organization

  • On the Axiom Cloud UI, Select Profile and click New Organization and enter the name of your Organization.

Axiom Cloud overview

  • When you create your organization you have an overview of your Organization settings.


You can upgrade your organization to a free 14-day trial. Axiom will not charge you during the first 14 days of your Axiom Pro trial. You can cancel at any time during the trial period without incurring any cost.

At the end of the trial period, your account will automatically convert to a paid plan.

On the Billings dashboard you can get the total usage of each running component during the current billing period up to the last hour and beyond.

Axiom Cloud billing

To know more about pricing, kindly check out our simple and minimal pricing plans using the Axiom cost calculator. This helps you to see how much more data you could store while still benefiting from huge savings.


You can manage, create and delete a dataset for your organization, by entering the name and description of your dataset.

Datasets are a collection of similar events.

Axiom Cloud datasets


You can generate an ingest and personal token manually in your Axiom user settings.

See Tokens to know more about managing access and authorization.


You can see the license and instance configuration for your organization by selecting Status this lets you have an overview of how much data you can ingest, how long your plan is valid, maximum amount of Users & Teams you can have.

Axiom Cloud status


You can Create teams to manage access to your Organizations datasets. Team members added can also manage access to datasets.

Axiom Cloud teams


You can manage your Organization members by Controlling the users access to your Axiom instance.

Team owners & Admin can add a user's name, email, and also assign a specific role.

Axiom Cloud users

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