Send data from CloudFront to Axiom

Amazon CloudFront is a web service that speeds up distribution of your static and dynamic web content, such as .html, .css, .js, and image files, to your users. CloudFront delivers your content through a worldwide network of data centers called edge locations.

Axiom built an easy way for you to send CloudFront logs to Axiom using AWS S3 bucket and Lambda. With this, you can observe your static and dynamic content and run deep queries on your CloudFront distribution logs efficiently and properly.



Axiom CloudFront integration is available open source on GitHub. Select the stack you want to deploy and click launch stack.

There are two methods to send logs from CloudFront to Axiom using the launch stack:

CloudFront overview

CloudFront overview


  1. Create and configure your CloudFront distribution
  • Select your origin domain.
  • In Origin access, select use Legacy access identities and choose your Origin access identity. In your Bucket Policy, select Yes, update the bucket policy

CloudFront overview

  • In your Standard logging option, select the On button so that your data is delivered to your S3 bucket.

CloudFront overview

  • Click on Create Distribution and Run your Distribution.
  1. Back in your Axiom dataset you'll see your CloudFront distribution logs

CloudFront overview

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