Send data from Heroku Log Drains to Axiom

Log Drains make it easy to collect logs from your deployments and forward them to archival, search, and alerting services by sending them via HTTPS, HTTP, TLS, and TCP.

Heroku Log Drains

With Heroku log drains you can forward logs from your apps, and deployments to Axiom by sending them via HTTPS.


Create and sign in to your Axiom Account.


Sign up and login to your account on Heroku, and download the Heroku CLI


Heroku log drains configuration consists of three main components

heroku drains:add https://:<$API_TOKEN><$DATASET_NAME>/ingest -a <$HEROKU_APPLICATION_NAME>


  • API_TOKEN: is used to send data to your dataset. API token can be generated from settings on Axiom dashboard.

See creating an API token for more

  • DATASET_NAME: name of your dataset. When logs are sent from your Heroku app it’s stored in a dataset on Axiom.

Dataset can be created from the settings page on Axiom.

See creating a dataset for more

  • HEROKU_APPLICATION_NAME: is the name of your app created on the Heroku dashboard or on the Heroku CLI.

See creating an Heroku app for more

Back in your dataset you see your Heroku logs.

Logging codes

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