Endpoints enable you to easily integrate Axiom into your existing data flow by allowing you to use tools and libraries that you are already familiar with.

You can create an Endpoint for your favorite services like HoneyComb, Jaeger, Grafana Loki, or Splunk and eventually send the logs from these Services directly into Axiom.

Endpoints let you integrate Axiom in your existing services with minimal effort and without breaking any of your existing workflows.

NB: If you're using our free personal plan, the endpoints are HTTP only. On our paid plans (team, and enterprise) the endpoints are HTTP + Syslog.

Configuring Endpoints

  1. Create your Dataset on the Axiom UI.
  • Click Settings, select Datasets, and create your Dataset.

Axiom Endpoints

  • Enter the Name and Description of your Datasets.
  1. In your Axiom UI, click Settings and select Endpoints.

Axiom Endpoints

In the Endpoints pane, click on New endpoint to Create a new Endpoint.

  • Enter the Name of the Endpoint.
  • Select the Endpoint Service you want to send logs from. Currently, we support HoneyComb, Grafana Loki, and Splunk.
  • Select the Dataset destination for your Endpoints logs.

Axiom Endpoints

  • When you create your Endpoints, it will create a target URL with the specific endpoint name for you to send data to.

Axiom Endpoints

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