June 26, 2023

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Datadog Migration app: go live with Axiom in 5 minutes

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Dominic Chapman

Head of Product

We’ve been asked for help migrating from Datadog so many times that our engineers built an app into Axiom to make it easy. It’ll replicate your Datadog setup and even allow you to migrate multiple accounts. It’s almost like having our team sit with you as you set up Axiom, direct it to ingest your metrics and logs, and copy over what you’ve already configured in Datadog.

Send your Datadog data to Axiom … or vice versa

The app lets you choose whether you want to reconfigure two lines in your Datadog Agent to send metrics and/or logs to a unique Axiom endpoint URL. Assuming you do, you can then also decide if you’d like that data to be forwarded by Axiom to Datadog for continuity during migration.

It will walk you through the entire process, step by step:

  • makes sure your keys are valid
  • asks if you want to invite new users
  • lets you select which resources to migrate
  • lets you choose which way to route data between Datadog and Axiom
  • replicates your dashboards as identically as possible

We’ve tested migrations with the clock running and found that it usually takes around 5 minutes from start to finish, without rushing. We think you’ll find Axiom does what you need, without burning your budget or forcing you to limit what you ingest to keep the monthly bill down.

Our billing is much simpler, based only on how much data you ingest. You can monitor your billing in real time. We won’t stick you with big bills for accidental spikes (we hate that practice as much as you do).

See more, spend less.

Our new pricing starts as low as $25 per month, free for personal projects. No surprise bills, ever. Join the waitlist for the Datadog Migration app to get access at axiom.co/migrations/datadog.

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