Axiom for
Amazon Web Services

Discover the truth behind any mystery inside your
AWS applications.

Axiom is built on AWS

Axiom unlocks observability at any scale. Save money and log every bit of data with unlimited users, services, hosts, and containers.

Logs, traces, and metrics
Unlimited users and dashboards
Petabyte ingest at terabyte cost
Unlimited alerts and monitors
Stop sampling, retain everything
Familiar pipelined query language
Enterprise security, auth, and support
Support for CloudWatch, AWS Lambda, etc…

Customers using AWS

“Axiom has enhanced our ability to deliver superior customer support. It’s really great at doing these temporary quick things, in terms of graphs or dashboards. And I really like that the pricing is based on ingest terabytes. We don’t have to worry about how many events or logs we have.”

Petra Donka

Senior Engineering Manager, Prisma

Available on the AWS Marketplace

Purchase Axiom through the AWS Marketplace to make getting started with observability faster and easier by using the AWS Marketplace Standard Contract and AWS’ billing and EDP credits. See our marketplace page or explore a Marketplace Private Offer with our sales team.