January 19, 2024

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Introducing BYOB: Bring Your Own Bucket

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Dominic Chapman

Head of Product

We’re proud to announce Axiom BYOB, an option developed with and for Enterprise plan customers who want to use Axiom, but need to keep event data stored in their own space.

BYOB securely replaces our own S3 storage location with one that you control, to which Axiom’s cloud-based ingest and query functions read and write. Axiom stores your ingested event data in our hyper-optimized format that keeps both cost and query times down. We provide binaries you can use to extract raw format event data as often as you want, without Axiom needing to be involved.

A few details customers ask about:

  • BYOB is as simple as giving Axiom permissions to read and write to your S3 bucket. Preview customers attest that this configuration is both reliable and performant.
  • Axiom with BYOB looks and feels exactly as it does when Axiom hosts the datastore. There are no special limitations or differences in UI or query language.
  • Your data remains where only your employees have access. There’s no maintenance required.
  • You can run your own workloads on the Axiom datastore, for which we provide binaries to extract raw format event data.
  • Your data belongs to you, forever. You’ll have binaries we provide to extract it. We don’t mimic legacy vendors who lease access to your own data back to you.

Same success, different server

BYOB lets you enjoy all the benefits Axiom provides in its fully cloud-based form …

  • continuous updates
  • automatic provisioning
  • availability guarantees

… with the benefits for which you might want to BYOB:

  • control over data access
  • agency over your data
  • a means to retain your data for as long as you want, in your hands

We’re ready to roll with you

Contact us today to get started! sales@axiom.co.

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