May 12, 2022


April Changelog: What’s New at Axiom

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Tola Ore-Aruwaji

Developer Relations Engineer


This April was all about lots of performance improvements, E2E testing, deployments, bug fixes and we also shipped lots of exciting product updates.

Read on to discover what’s new at Axiom!

Cancellable Queries

We added the Cancel button on Analytics and Data Explorer for you to cancel queries and update your changes.

Shipped REST API Docs

We deployed the latest version of our REST API docs here. All the endpoints live under the url and follow the REST architectural style.

Currently, we documented the endpoints for:

Explore Charts from Dashboards

You can now run queries directly from your dashboard chart view when you click on the Explore icon on that specific chart

Integrations Sidebar

You can now edit your configuration to include or exclude specific projects from sending data to Axiom. Any unselected projects will be excluded.

Upload Gzipped Files

You can now upload gzipped files using the .gz filename convention. Click on the upload button and drag or drop the file in the box.

Topk Explore

Using the topk explore button, you can get queries of your specific visualisation directly on Data Explorer.

Get Notified before deleting Token

Get the specific details of your API and Personal Token before deleting them on the dashboard.

API Token

Personal Token

Axiom Processing Language

More Array Functions are now fully supported

IP Functions

Hash Functions

View the full APL documentation here

Get alerts when no datasets are created on API Token

You can now get alerts when no dataset has been created before you can attach an API Token to it.

Expose Organization ID and add Copy to Settings

You can now view and copy your organization ID on your Settings page on your Axiom Account. Your Organization ID is under your organization name. Your Ogranization ID must be provided in case a Personal token is used for Axiom CLI and the Client Libraries. It’s not needed when using an APIToken.

  • Your organization’s Avatar is better using the initials of your org.

To stay up to date on changes like these, head over to our blog and you can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedInWe can’t wait to see what you build next with Axiom!

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Stay tuned for more exciting updates next month!

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