July 4, 2022


June Changelog: What’s New at Axiom

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Tola Ore-Aruwaji

Developer Relations Engineer

This month, the Axiom team shipped tons of product updates, bugs fixes, a lot of performance improvements, and also celebrated the release of Advanced Observability for Vercel using Next.js with next-axiom

Read on to discover what’s new at Axiom!

Advanced Observability for Vercel

A few weeks ago, we launched our Vercel integration and joined the Vercel marketplace. Axiom provides you with Persistent logging and performance metrics for your Vercel applications and Next.js projects. The advanced observability for Vercel provides you with an in-depth observability experience for your projects and deployments including a brand new dashboard, full-stack observability of Next.js with next-axiom, and support for all Vercel log sources.

This pre-built dashboard includes more charts, better separation of concerns, and an Explore button to allow diving into the data behind the charts with ease.

Install the Axiom integration to get Advanced Observability for your Vercel projects

Isomorphic observability for Next.js withAxiom()

We introduced and built next-axiom the first observability plugin built from the ground up for Next.js. With next-axiom’s isomorphic observability, you can enable web-vitals, send logs, or send events in either frontend or backend code.

withAxiom you will be able to:

  • Add unsampled web vitals monitoring to your Next.js project with a single line of code
  • Send logs and events from client, edge, or server-side code without having to worry about any extra configuration

Get started with the next-axiom library

APL Documentation Syntax Highlighting

We worked on and built syntax highlighting for APL Docs. This gives you deeper insights into the operators and functions we support as they are highlighted, clearer, and easier to read.

Explore APL Docs

More Datetime functions are now fully supported on APL

View the full APL documentation here

Open queries directly to data explore page from dashboard charts

You can now open queries from your dashboard charts directly to the data explorer page. This lets you modify your queries and monitor every visualization instantly

Get started with Axiom

Learn how to start ingesting, streaming, and
querying data into Axiom in less than 10 minutes.