June 27, 2024


New customer stories: Salad, Hypermode, Hapn

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Dominic Chapman

Head of Product

Axiom’s customer base continues to expand to new and innovative new companies. In our latest three customers stories, we asked them to explain why Axiom and how they put it to use.


  • The world’s largest distributed cloud uses Axiom to collect logs from more than a million remote nodes.
  • They serve each customer the logs for the customers’ nodes — which they can stream to other tools — inside Salad’s own UI.
  • They’ve created automated monitoring that detects problems in customers’ nodes rather than waiting for the customer to notice and report it.

“We set up Axiom so we could troubleshoot our customers, and that evolved into, ‘What if they didn't have to ask us about it?’”

Shawn Rushefsky

Senior Generative AI Solutions Architect

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  • The AI developer platform lets devs add their own messages and breakpoints inside their apps on Hypermode, and receive collated event histories from multiple executions of them to study.
  • Axiom let Hypermode being collecing events immediately without advance planning: They simply send Axiom everything now, then figure out later how to apply schemas and piped queries to extract the information they want.
  • Unlike their experience with Grafana, they’ve found that very single team member logs into Axiom. Many create dashboard customizations rather than tasking a designated engineer to do it.

“Axiom feels much more like a building block of your application rather than an internal tool.”

Ryan Fox-Tyler

SVP of Products and Engineering

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  • The GPS-based asset tracking platform — customers track everything from pets to family members to tractors — generates more three terabytes of event data daily.
  • They need to keep 100% of it hot for a year — more than a petabyte — since each node tracks a customer’s valuable item or loved one for which Hapn may be need to provide a log history on demand.
  • Axiom replaced their expensive CloudWatch setup, which required login to 11 AWS accounts to run queries across their entire infrastructure.

“We chose Axiom because it’s the only product out there that allows me to affordably see all my logs for a year. And it’s very good at that.”

Andres Hernandez

Co-founder and CTO

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