March 4, 2022


February Changelog: What’s New at Axiom

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Tola Ore-Aruwaji

Developer Relations Engineer

👋 Hi folks!

This February was all about lots of performance improvements, bug fixes and we also shipped lots of exciting product updates.

Read on to discover what’s new at Axiom! 🙂

New icons on Timestamp and Virtual fields to identify the field type

You can now view the timestamp icon on _time on your Field List drop-down on Axiom Data Explorer.

  • Embedded icons on Virtual fields

Get notification on query time range before the earliest event or after the latest event

You can now see a notification if your query time range begins after the dataset received its last event.

  • And a notification if your query time range ends before the dataset received its first event

Apply browser’s timezone as default

You can now select your TIMEZONE when you click on Profile and select the drop-down menu on TIMEZONE. By default your timezone on Axiom uses your browsers default timezone.

Improvements to the Vercel integration

Our Vercel integration is live but still in beta. using this integration you can analyze, stream, and run queries from your Vercel applications and resources directly on Axiom.

Get in touch with the team to try it out

Axiom Processing Language

APL datetime fields are now fully supported

Datetime fields are fully supported on APL, literals of type datetime have the syntax datetime (value), where a number of formats are supported for value.

Read more here

APL: improved support for null types

We have improved support for null types, the scalar function isnull can be used to determine if a scalar value is the null value. The corresponding function isnotnull can be used to determine if a scalar value isn't the null value.

Read more about this feature here

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Stay tuned for more exciting updates next month! 😇

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