March 5, 2024

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KubeCon Paris 2024: Drinks, chats, logs and traces with Axiom

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Dominic Chapman

Head of Product

Booth J31 — plus sign up for free drinks to talk about logs, traces and metrics.

KubeCon is almost here. Axiom will be there. Come talk to us about how we’re reinventing logs, traces, and metrics—and how your organization may benefit from our cloud-native approach to observability.

Come to our party

We’re hosting a party {Featuring: AWS} on Thursday, 21st March. Come meet the team!

Sign up for an invite and we’ll email you all the details. Numbers are limited.

Give input, get swag

We have swag to give out, and want to hear your experience and insights on event capture and analysis in a Kubernetes infrastructure. Such as:

  • AWS / CloudWatch. Our fully serverless architecture is optimized to work with AWS Lambda infrastructures. And it replaces logging into multiple accounts for separate CloudWatch reports with a single query across all sources — for a lot less.
  • Active archive for security. Axiom makes keeping all your events hot on tap for as long as you want affordable, to feed SIEMs with more restrictive or expensive retention limits.
  • Whatever’s on your mind. We’re at KubeCon to learn as much as you are.

Axiom Stickers: Live. Laugh. Log. Laptop not included.

Or just come to booth J31 to chat

We’re all about making it easy for customers to collect and analyze 100% of their event data for Kubernetes at any scale. As Axiom expands its reach to traces, metrics and beyond, we want your input on what to do and how to do it right. Don’t be shy — come find us at Booth J31!

Get started with Axiom

Learn how to start ingesting, streaming, and
querying data into Axiom in less than 10 minutes.