New Pricing: Axiom starts lower, stays lower

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Neil Jagdish Patel

CEO / Co-founder

We founded Axiom because we knew that the prices we were paying for log management tools, and the complexity involved to control those costs, made no sense in today’s infrastructure. Legacy log management systems were architected in a past decade for traditional physical servers in datacenters and just ported to the cloud, where they gained some on-demand scaling but failed to take real advantage of cloud-native technology to get any meaningful performance or efficiency gains. Many of these vendors are also handcuffed to their past success and risk downsells with existing customer contracts if they lowered costs and passed lower prices onto customers.

In stark contrast to these legacy vendors, we freshly architected our ingest, store and query of event data for maximum performance and efficiency in the cloud, which enables us to set a price for full-featured event management that is a fraction of what others are able to offer sustainably. Effectively, we’ve commodified the basics of centralized retention, query, monitoring and dashboards for 100% of your event data including logs, metrics and traces.

Pricing made simple, no surprises

  • Our usage-based pricing is simple, with no hidden fees.
    • Even our Enterprise contracts are based on a simple, clean model.
  • Ingest limits are monthly, never daily.
    • You can monitor your usage and bill in real-time on Axiom’s dashboard.
    • We’ll never stick you with a surprise big bill for an accidental spike.
    • Enterprise contracts are annual and have no variable usage component. You can be absolutely confident in budgeting for the full year.
  • All plans deliver the full set of Axiom’s ingest, store, and query features and performance.

What they do to you — but we won’t

We’ve been on the customer end of infuriating practices by other software vendors. We resolved from the start never to do them ourselves:

  • Offer a low starting price, then surprise you with costs that weren’t made clear.
  • Make pricing so complicated it’s hard to estimate what your bill will be.
  • Stick you with a big bill for a usage-based overrun caused by one of your team just trying to do their job.
  • Impose daily limits, instead of monthly, so that you are paying based on peak days and wasting capacity on other days.
  • Impose hard limits that disable your querying on overages, combined with hard-nosed sales tactics to push you into big upgrades.
  • Require you to buy a portfolio of loosely connected products for specific data and use cases — especially products that keep your events scattered across multiple data stores.
  • Make our free version hard to discover, so we can claim one but few find and use it.
  • Disable our own product’s features (as opposed to capacity, or enterprise hooks) in free or low-price plans to force you to upgrade to have Axiom’s full-featured ingest, store, and query.

You can afford to try Axiom

Set up a full-featured Personal account, get your Team started at $25 for the month, or contact us to work out an Enterprise trial at prices that won’t blow up on you later.

Already an Axiom customer? Contact us with any questions about the new plans.

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