July 14, 2022


Saying Hello to Lila!

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Lila Kurse

Software Engineer

Tell us a little about yourself: Where are you from? Hobbies?

I was born in Belarus. My mom is Belarusian, and my dad is Indian. From childhood I have experienced both of the cultures, and I should say it was fun!

I moved a lot and lived in 4 different countries. I got the opportunity to meet incredible people around and learn new cultures and languages.

My interest in programming started with robots. I always thought how incredible they are and how it could help people in so many ways. At that time, it was a puppy robot.

Later on I discovered that coding is a key to all interesting products that I really liked.

That’s how my journey started, I enrolled for a software engineering program and completed my 5 years of education. And I felt that this is something I want to do in my life.

Coding inspires me every day.

While growing up, I used to take piano and ballroom dance classes. 10 years later, I decided to start my piano lessons again. Right away it became my hobby very fast, as I can feel that it gives a lot of joy and makes me more creative in my work.

Usually, on non-working hours apart from playing piano, I enjoy reading books, being a Heartfulness mediation practitioner and trainer, and taking yoga classes.

Meeting the team

Once I moved to the UK, I started to look for a job and found Axiom. The description of the job and the technologies looked very interesting, so I applied. After rounds of interviews, meeting Neil, Seif, it all worked out. I am so happy it did!

We are a remote company, and I started working during pandemic. The onboarding process was set very nicely. I had video call with each member of the team, and we had a chance to get to know each other better. Due to the pandemic I didn’t meet anyone in person. And the whole time the only question that I had in mind was how tall everyone are? :) (I am 5.3 foot) After a year, I had a chance to meet some of the team members. It was really great! And I got the answer to my question: very tall! :)

I am very excited that sprints are back on, and I will meet the whole team in person soon!

Axiom is my second family! The team is incredible. Inspiring, knowledgeable, funny people that make every day very interesting. From day one, everyone were friendly and helpful. Learning and growing in this team is fascinating.

The advice that you would give to your one year back self.

I would say, do not be afraid to ask questions, everyone is friendly and helpful. And no one will look at you differently if you ask one!

By asking, you learn a lot and much quicker, and at the same time, the tasks would be done more efficiently.

Women in tech

During my studies my batch was the first one that had more then 50% women in the class. It was inspiring. The stereotypes about tech were fading away. I could see that many companies/tech universities had a lot of engineers that are women. There was a balance.

I started motivating and helping my friends to choose tech. To give them support that I once experienced myself. At the beginning, it looks difficult, but once you try it, it all makes sense and unfolds in front of you. The biggest step is to start.

I noticed that companies in the UK are doing their best to have the balance. And I am sure in a few years it would be possible to achieve it.

I would really love to encourage women to join tech! Being part of it, I can say it’s never boring. It gives you options of different projects to choose from, that will inspire you.

Together we can bring to the industry new ideas, views, and positivity to the teams.

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