October 4, 2021


September Changelog: What’s New at Axiom

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Tola Ore-Aruwaji

Developer Relations Engineer

Hi folks!

In September, the Axiom team shipped lots of exciting product updates, new tutorials and also released Axiom Processing Language (APL), a query language that is perfect for getting deeper insights from your data.

Read on to discover what’s new at Axiom 👇

Getting intricate alerts from PagerDuty on Axiom

We published our PagerDuty tutorial on how you can get alerts on important data and log streams and take action on your metrics and logs coming from resources in Axiom using our PagerDuty Notifier.

Learn about creating PagerDuty alerts on Axiom

Introducing Axiom Data Explorer

We are excited to announce Axiom Data Explorer, a fast, and an advanced way to explore and analyse your data. With the Data Explorer, you will be able to filter, manipulate, extend, and summarize your data whenever you want, without having to worry about query speed or indexes.

Read more about this feature

Axiom Processing Language (Preview)

Announcing a new interactive query language that supports filtering, extending, and summarizing data. Axiom Processing Language (Preview) helps you perform super-fast queries at scale with high performance.
Still a preview, but we keep improving it everyday

Learn more about APL

Introducing Axiom Playground

We are excited to announce Axiom Playground, a demo environment for you to try out Axiom’s data analytics platform, on real live data.

Query live, run aggregations across all or a subset of events in a dataset, inspect individual events and watch as they are ingested live using Axiom sandbox.

Learn about using Axiom sandbox

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Stay tuned for more exciting updates next month!

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