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Case Study


Axiom lets Parachute Home harness 100% of events

Customer Case Study Screenshot
Kelvin Rodriguez

Engineering Manager, Parachute Home

Parachute Home logo

Parachute is a lifestyle brand that designs and sells its own bedding, furniture, rugs, lighting, decor, apparel and more.

“It’s really good to have everything and query everything at any time that you want.”

Kelvin Rodriguez

Engineering Manager


  • 100% data, no sampling — Axiom’s performance and pricing abolish the need to work with only a fraction of event data.
  • Problems revealed, ideas inspired — Previously unseen problems are now visible to engineers, while marketers and creatives can be given the context to brainstorm improvements.
  • Turnkey A/B testing — Full data means comparative test results are captured automatically.

About Parachute Home

Parachute is a lifestyle brand designed to make people feel at home. The multi-category home company offers products that are thoughtfully designed in Los Angeles and expertly manufactured by craftspeople around the globe, using only premium quality materials. Parachute was founded in 2014, focused on bedding. The brand has since expanded throughout the home, including furniture, mattress, bath, rugs, lighting, decor, and apparel. Parachute also operates 26 retail stores nationwide.

The Challenge: Limited data samples miss both problems and prospects

Parachute Home’s engineers had used other monitoring tools to track events and behaviors across hundreds of millions of page views every month. But these vendors’ enterprise licenses set hard limits on how much data Parachute Home could ingest and store to stay within their agreed pricing. As a result, engineers often had only 1% to 10% of the entire ecosystem’s event data available for analysis.

In a fractional data set, many problems and opportunities simply don’t exist. Engineers might never know that pages in, say, the bathrobes section are loading content that causes latency or even error messages for shoppers. A 100-millisecond delay on a bathrobe’s product page can cause a few percent of would-be buyers to give up. An error message is a sale-killer. Sampling or filtering data to keep the cost down could let a costly sporadic or isolated problem go undetected.

“If you can only send 10 million events a month, that’s not enough for large organizations or even a website on which you’re trying to gather information.”

Kelvin Rodriguez

Engineering Manager

The Solution: Axiom lets them keep and search everything

Axiom’s breakthrough technology delivers the performance and pricing that lets Parachute Home engineers load 100% of their event data. Is one particular page loading slowly? They can investigate why. Do videos or other marketing materials added to specific pages or even specific products slow them, enough to account for customers not buying those products as expected?

Parachute Home engineers can present summaries from complete activity data to the marketing and creative teams. Measurements and logs replace guesswork. Having the full hard data helps spawn ideas and plans. They might compare several home page changes, or look into more efficient video encoding.

They can also perform complete A/B testing of changes and new ideas, without extra work to collect the data they need to compare outcomes.

By making 100% data observability both possible and affordable, Axiom doesn’t only help Parachute Home spot problems, it helps them create new opportunities to even better delight their customers.

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