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Case Study


Ruggable uses Axiom to maximize its international e-commerce experience

Customer Case Study Screenshot
Luis Rosario

Senior Software Engineer, Ruggable

Ruggable logo

Ruggable is an online retailer of rugs and other home furnishings meant to be beautiful but practical to use and maintain.

“The ease of it was just a slam dunk.”

Luis Rosario

Senior Software Engineer


  • E-commerce optimization — Product managers can monitor conversion rates and user interaction to improve customers’ brand experience, not just server performance.
  • Ease of use — Anyone at Ruggable can use Axiom, without needing a specialist to create dashboards or gather decision-making data.
  • End-to-end observability — Axiom provides a live view of the entire infrastructure, including console outputs.

About Ruggable

Ruggable is an online retailer of rugs and mats founded by Jeneva Bell in 2010, which now sells across three continents. Their mission is to enable people to design home spaces that are beautiful but still comfortable, functional, and easy to clean.

The Challenge: Oversee e-tail on three continents, both at large and in detail

Ruggable sells a broad range of household-related wares, shipping to the US, Canada, UK, Germany and Australia. Engineers wanted to have maximum observability across all platforms so product managers and others could analyze their customers’ behavior. Beyond monitoring site performance and troubleshooting problems, Ruggable’s engineers have a roadmap to allow product managers, for example, to see how well a sale is going or how visitors interact with specific product pages in detail. Other solutions promised to deliver the data, but the Ruggable team was put off by their steep learning curves — they would need to dedicate one or more specialists to help others in the company make use of the tools. “As an e-commerce company, we’re thinking beyond monitoring server traffic to looking at user interaction.”

The Solution: Axiom’s easy integration, intuitive queries

Axiom’s smooth integration with Vercel and NextJS fit Ruggable’s roadmap. Its headless architecture fits naturally into modern e-commerce infrastructure. What most appealed to the engineers, though, was how easy it was to spin up new dashboards and run queries in APL, the Axiom Processing Language. APL is more like modern search engines than the rigid, unforgiving syntax of SQL and other legacy approaches to querying data. SQL was just not designed for exploring time-series events.

But just because Axiom is easy to figure out doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful. Ruggable engineers use wrappers to load all their infrastructure event data into Axiom, including console outputs. With 100% of their events on hand, they’ve been able to explore the histories of problems to see when and where symptoms first manifested before building up to a visible outage.

Rosario’s team is building on Axiom’s capabilities to provide Ruggable tools to study events more and more not as app and server performance, but as the behavior of their human customers. That’s true observability.

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