June 17, 2024

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Introducing annotations

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Mano Toth

Senior Technical Writer

Axiom is thrilled to introduce annotations, an innovative feature designed to enrich your charts with contextual insights. Annotations make it easier to correlate occurrences such as deployments with trends in your event data, which can streamline the investigation process for any issues within your app or system.

The benefits of annotations

Imagine being able to pinpoint the exact moment on your chart when a new deployment impacts your system’s performance or when a server outage occurs. Annotations allow you to do just that, marking critical events such as deployments, server outages, incidents, and feature flags. This not only adds a layer of understanding to your data visualizations but also aids in the swift diagnosis and resolution of any potential issues.

Real-world application

Consider a scenario where your monitoring system alerts you to an increase in form submission errors. With annotations, you can quickly identify a new feature deployment that occurred just before the issue started. This direct correlation prompts a deeper investigation into the recent code changes, leading you to the root cause of the problem. The immediate identification and rectification of such issues are what make annotations an indispensable tool for developers and system administrators alike.

The example below displays form submission errors and annotations about the time of important events such as deployments.

Get started with annotations

Axiom invites you to explore this feature further and start annotating your charts today.

If you use the Axiom Vercel integration, annotations are automatically created for deployments. To see these annotations, go to your Vercel dashboard in Axiom.

To start leveraging the potential of annotations, see Annotate charts.

Annotations let you to make informed decisions and resolve potential issues more easily. By integrating annotations into your data analysis workflow, you gain clarity over your system’s operational dynamics, empowering you to act swiftly and decisively.

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