June 26, 2023

#engineering, #product

Distributed Tracing adds visual instrumentation for microservices

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Dominic Chapman

Head of Product

Customers have asked for a feature we’re glad to announce: Axiom now has a tracing interface that provides surprisingly quick tracing across 100% of the events in your infrastructure. Distributed tracing lets you see the communication flows among microservices rather than having to cobble them together in your mind from individual log events.

There are already a few distributed tracing tools that work atop the OpenTelemetry framework, but building one into Axiom lets you run traces at full speed on your Axiom data with no additional setup.

We opted to keep our UI simple and familiar, another customer idea. If you don’t do a lot of tracing, it’s easier and quicker to have a simple UI that looks a lot like Chrome’s network panel, with a waterfall view to inspect your traces, and a dedicated dashboard to drill down into services and operations in your OpenTelemetry data.

In our waterfall view, we made sure to add familiar features that make it easy to explore each trace:

  • Hierarchical representation of spans with their parent/child relationships
  • Visualization of missing and async spans, and any other temporal anomalies
  • Browsable span metadata, including fields and associated events
  • Red highlighting of errors to make them stand out
  • Collapsable span hierarchy for simpler navigation

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