November 21, 2023

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Join us at re:Invent!

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Kendall Miller

Business Development

AWS re:Invent is almost here. Come talk to us at booth 1503 about how we’re reinventing logs, traces, and metrics—and how your organization may benefit from Axiom’s first completely cloud-native architecture, centralized hyper-scale logging, transformation on the fly for OTel and OCSF, and more.

Swag? Of course!

We’ll hand out hip packs, keychains, and stickers at our booth — you can’t miss it.

Book a meeting, get a skateboard

We’ll give an Axiom skateboard deck to everyone who books a meeting with us to go deeper:

  • OpenTelemetry implementation. Axiom makes it super easy to get started and ship your data to us, surprisingly affordably. If you’re still wondering whether OTel is worth the move, we have thoughts on that.
  • Cloudflare Logpush. We have an app to make Axiom a Logpush destination.
  • Datadog Migration. Tired of the bills? Our Datadog migration app will walk you through the process of selecting and migrating into Axiom in as little as five minutes. We’ve done this a lot lately, so we’ve automated migration and are available and glad to help.
  • Whatever’s on your mind. We’re at re:Invent to learn as much as you are.

Or just come to booth 1503 to chat

We’re all about making it easy for customers to collect and analyze 100% of their event data at any scale. As Axiom expands its reach to traces, metrics, and beyond, we want your input on what to do and how to do it right. Don’t be shy — come find us!

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