January 26, 2024

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Why Axiom + your S3 may be the solution

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Dominic Chapman

Head of Product

Axiom’s Bring Your Own Bucket option lets our cloud-based control plane use a customer’s private AWS S3 bucket for storage, keeping all ingested event data stored in their space. Axiom in BYOB configuration is indistinguishable in operation from our default SaaS config — same features, same UI, same performance. It’s just your bucket instead of ours.

We’ve been working with enterprise customers and prospects to understand why they want to use their own bucket, and how exactly we should implement the capability.

Meet compliance demands

Your organization may be wary of letting another company hold its data, because of existing rules to ensure that compliance audits succeed. Axiom’s cloud storage is safe and secure. It was architected from the ground up with full awareness of rigid regulations like HIPAA, and has SOC 2 attestation of best of breed controls. That said, we understand that some customers have a reason to keep their events stored in their own cloud account.

Complex and sometimes conflicting mandates from state, federal and international regulations make log governance and one-step-at-a-time migration to the cloud a wise step for some companies.

Axiom in BYOB configuration offers a safe path:

  • You own your own data. Axiom places all events in your S3 bucket, with full free on-demand access for your employees, forever.
  • Zero maintenance. You don’t need to do anything on your S3 bucket to keep up with upgrades to our SaaS application. You never have to move older logs to cold storage, or rehydrate it back into the live datastore. Axiom BYOB keeps your entire event history available for as long as you want.
  • Your data is portable. You’ll always have all of it available — with or without an active Axiom account — using the extraction binaries we’ll provide at configuration time.

Migrate into the cloud, one step at a time

We understand that despite Axiom’s huge cost savings, some orgs are still wary of letting another company hold their data. Axiom in a BYOB configuration lets you keep the company’s events in your own cloud account, with unlimited free on-demand access via binaries we provide. But it also keeps Axiom’s software, servers and all maintenance and upgrades in our cloud. The result:

  • Zero maintenance. You hold the data in your S3 bucket, but we run and maintain everything for you at a fraction of the cost of legacy products.
  • You needn’t enter into a contract with Axiom to ensure access and retention. If you shut off or cancel Axiom, you’ll still have all your events available forever using the binaries we’ll provide at configuration time.

Access your data, your way

Trigger a Twilio SMS or email to a customer. Aggregate the last day’s shopping cart totals and abandons. Pre-aggregate totals by SKU to feed a data warehouse that can’t handle the raw click volume.

  • Your entire event history is accessible to your teams, apps and customers as you choose to configure it locally.
  • Axiom only charges for handling events once, upon ingest. You can extract and use it locally as often as you choose at no extra cost.
  • There’s no need to move older data to cold storage to save cost, so your entire event history is as available live for as long as you choose.

Fine-tune your own AI

You may want to use your collected events to train an ML or LLM application. Most enterprises have identified AI applications as a primary goal for this year. But training AI requires multiple passes through voluminous data. Axiom BYOB makes this both doable and affordable:

  • Your data is readable on demand, as often as you want. No fees, no delays, no limits. Our billing is based on initial ingestion only. To extract events for training, use the extraction binaries we will provide when setting up your BYOB configuration.
  • Your entire event history is available in its original format. Axiom only charges once upon ingest. Afterwards you can extract and use the ingested events as often as you want at no additional cost.
  • Your S3 bucket holds all your events live for extraction, for as long as you want. No need to move older logs to cold storage to cut costs or improve performance. No maintenance of your S3 bucket required.

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