April 2, 2024


Feature Recap

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Dominic Chapman

Head of Product

It’s time to look back on what’s new and noteworthy in Axiom over the last few months. While you may have seen major product announcements like Bring Your Own Bucket and our ISO 27001 certification, here we’ll recap a bunch of enhancements from the changelog that deserve the spotlight because they’ll make your work in Axiom faster and more enjoyable.

Path towards Query 2.0

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the query experience in Axiom, you might have noticed some fresh gems appearing. We added the Event Timeline to the top of query results to give you a visual representation of spikes, dips, and trends in your events at a glance, then followed that up with a much-refined Fields sidebar, which includes a signal on the number of distinct values in each field—handy for refining your search.

Our customers have been loving these additions to get from events to insights faster. And we won’t be stopping there. Behind the scenes, we’ve been working hand-in-hand with Axiom Design Partners to shape a revised Query experience. More on that soon. Message our team for early access.

Leveling up observability

Last fall we introduced first-class support for distributed tracing in Axiom. This represented a big leap forward for our customers, providing a bridge from traditional log-based analysis for troubleshooting to a much richer understanding of complex, distributed systems—raising the level of observability for organizations.

Our team have been hard at work refining the experience around distributed traces based on customer feedback and our own use of these features. This includes the addition of a span duration histogram alongside our popular waterfall view, ideal for making sense of outliers during investigation. It also includes deep linking to spans, a more compact UI to support studying higher span volume, improvements to span search, and small bug fixes for extra joy. If you haven’t experienced the magic of distributed traces to follow the complete lifecycle of a request, now is the time to level up the observability of your organization!

Empowering Enterprise organizations

Axiom is loved by a broad range of businesses, from ambitious startups to the world’s largest enterprises. While use of core features like query is common to all, we go the extra mile where it’s needed to serve our customers.

In the last month we introduced a Microsoft Teams notifier to Axiom. Our notifiers are often the start of critical application monitoring journeys. We’ve long had coverage for popular notifiers types like Slack, OpsGenie, and PagerDuty, but as Microsoft Teams has grown to be the most popular business communication platform, it was a natural addition.

We’ve also taken query performance to another level in Axiom through a package of improvements that we’re excited to detail soon. Non-aggregated queries, which were already relatively speedy compared to traditional vendors, are now blazing fast over extended time ranges. This is just one example of the tuning that continues to make Axiom the best choice for logging workloads at Enterprise scale.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for cornerstone features landing soon including a Terraform Provider and support for Annotations, and join the conversation about Axiom on X and LinkedIn.

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