December 15, 2023


2023 was a big year for Axiom. 2024 will be even bigger.

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Neil Jagdish Patel

CEO / Co-founder

2023 was a huge year for us. We shipped loads of new features and enhancements, and customers with ever-growing infrastructure gave us valuable feedback and ideas to improve Axiom both this year and next. Our gratitude goes to all of you!

Product highlights

The team

2023 saw Axiom grow past engineering to build our product, sales, and marketing teams. We’ve been humbled by the number of folks that want to join Axiom, and we’re excited to continue growing in the new year.

One highlight has been the arrival of experienced people who help Axiom connect with the previous generation of logging:

  • Splunk’s original product visionary, Christina Noren, joined as an advisor in November
  • We now have two former Splunk sales stars selling Axiom instead.

We’re still growing our engineering, product, design, and sales teams. See our listings, or reach out to us to talk about other opportunities.


Thanks to everyone who came and said hello, picked up all of our swag every time, and gave us valuable feedback and ideas.

  • Monitorama: Companies in all industries told us they’re under dual pressures not only to have more observability into their infrastructure, but also to reduce the cost of overpriced legacy logging products. They end up titrating sampling versus observability.
  • KubeCon: Cloud-native migrations are sometimes hampered by companies’ data sovereignty requirements — engineers can’t store or index events outside the company’s private space. Letting them bring their own storage to Axiom’s cloud-native architecture can solve that.
  • AWS re:Invent: Customers and prospects swarmed our booth, which expanded into the space next to us to fit everyone. A Fortune 25 financial firm sat us down with a small team right there at re:Invent to schedule a Proof of Concept for their 200 terabytes per day.

Cool customers

We published case studies with customers across an array of businesses — streaming video, e-commerce, platform engineering — who’ve found an equally wide range of reasons to recommend us.

“Axiom is the modern serverless observability tool I always wanted. The strong focus on developer experience is a great match for how we do things at Prisma!” — Søren Bramer Schmidt, CEO & Co-founder, Prisma

Prisma case study

“I can hire an engineer off the street, and they immediately know how to get value out of Axiom. That’s way different from other monitoring.” — Matthew LeRay, Co-founder & CTO, Speedscale

Speedscale case study

“Axiom’s pricing scales well. Some other services we looked at were relatively cheap at a small scale but quickly became really expensive when capturing the number of logs we’re sending.” — Eric Matthys, Principal Software Engineer, Plex

Plex case study

“I will tell anyone who is looking to get into a logging solution in this day and age to just use Axiom.” — Luke Shumard, Chief Digital Product Officer, Analogue

Analogue case study

Coming in Q1 2024

  • Building on OpenTelemetry experiences, focusing on connectedness between events to move quickly from alert to understanding.
  • Richer monitoring experience, with new monitor types and a dedicated launchpad to review triggered alerts.
  • More pre-built experiences — dashboards, common queries, and alerts — built for popular services.

There’s more! We’ll tell you about it as soon as we can.

Happy holidays from the Axiom team!

We hope you can log off, while we keep logging everything for you. But if you get bored, join us and the community in Discord to stay up-to-date, get support, and share your thoughts.

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